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The Most Disappointing Performances of the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – So far

NY Rangers Pittsburgh PenguinsThe 2017 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have been filled with big shots, big hits, and even bigger performances from some of the league’s best players. Canadian hockey is back in the mix with Connor McDavid leading the Edmonton Oilers into the second round, and Erik Karlsson fighting a tough match with the veteran Rangers in round two. There’s been overtime and double overtime heroes, insane performances by some of the league’s greatest goaltenders, and plenty of stitches, black eyes, broken bones, and Sidney Crosby concussions. There have also been some incredibly disappointing performances from some stars that should have had a much better playoff run based off their regular season success. There’s something about the Stanley Cup playoffs that brings out the best in some players. These next five individuals are not part of that classification in 2017. Ranked from semi-disappointing (#5) to “what the hell happened?” (#1), here is the entirely subjective list for the least valuable players of the 2017 Stanley Cup Players.

#5: Conor Sheary, Pittsburgh Penguins

In nine games played, Sheary has just two total points both coming in the form of assists, and is currently -4 on the +/- ranking. Sheary put up a respectable 53 points in the regular season with 23 goals and 30 assists while skating next to the one and only Sidney Crosby. Although the Penguins have a lot of high-powered weapons on offense, Sheary will have to step up his game if the Penguins want to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions.

#4: Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals

One of the best goalies of the 2016-2017 season with a save percentage of .925, Holtby has been far from rock solid in the playoffs so far. Holtby is sporting a .909 save percentage through 11 games and already has 29 goals against him.

#3: Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks

The playoffs are proving to be an even worse continuation of the regular season, where Perry had only 19 goals in 82 games. 19 goals in a season is not horrible for most offensive players, but doesn’t cut it for a guy who averaged 30 goals in each of the last six seasons. Perry needs to step it up if the high-flying Ducks are going to continue to make a run for the cup.

#2: Jordan Eberle, Edmonton Oilers

Relegated all the way back to the fourth line in the second round against the Ducks, Eberle is having a poor postseason to say the least. With zero goals and just two assists in the playoffs, Eberle has to get it together if Connor McDavid and the Oilers are going to do anything worth talking about in the 2017 postseason.

#1: J.T. Miller, New York Rangers

Miller was the Ranger’s second leading scorer in the regular season, but has done nothing spectacular in the postseason. With 56 points in the regular season, Miller is looking like he’s fallen asleep on the ice with just three assists and no goals through 11 games. The Rangers need the young gun to step up because it’s starting to look like “now or never” for the New York squad.

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