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Key Arena Seattle NHL Expansion

NHL expansion has been a huge success in Las Vegas with the seemingly playoff bound Golden Knights that further expansion speculation has been much louder than a whisper this winter.  One city took a big leap in attempting to get their name to the front of the line as the Seattle City Council announced that they approved a $600 million renovation to the Key Arena (Inquisitir.com):

On Monday, The Seattle Times‘ Geoff Baker provided a tweet update (below) saying that a $600 million renovation was approved by the Seattle City Council for the KeyArena venue. In more of a complete report from the Times, they indicated that Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan still needs to sign the new budget approval, but it’s not expected she will object to them moving forward. This seems to bode well for the addition of an NBA franchise, NHL franchise, or both in the future. In particular, the NHL will be making an announcement in July of which city will be the next to receive an expansion franchise. Over the past year or so, there has been a hockey team added to Las Vegas known as the Golden Knights.

Russian Hockey Doping OlympicsWith the Olympics on the horizon for Pyeongchang, many countries were dealt a potential blow in stacking their teams.  NHL players are already not participating, but with the Russian ban on participants, the KHL could follow suit in not releasing their players for the two week tournament.  This blow more greatly effects the Canadian team as they are looking to bolster their squad using KHL players.  The Hockey News goes into greater detail:

Already, Canada has had to deal with the fact that the NHL has pulled out of participating in the PyeongChang, thereby taking away the opportunity for Canadian players playing in the best league in the world from trying to win a third straight gold medal and its fourth in five Olympic Games. And if the Russians do decide to boycott the Games, and the KHL follows suit by banning all of its players – both domestic and foreign – from participating, it will have a devastating effect on Canada’s lineup, and medal hopes for 2018.

And if Russia and the KHL pull out, there will be no country hosed more badly by the NHL and the IOC than Canada. The NHL hosing has already been well documented. If the Russians were to boycott, that would be its choice. Canada, meanwhile, would be skimmed of its best players – not once, but twice – because of one league’s shortsightedness and another’s obstinateness.

Forbes released its annual report on NHL franchise values and the top teams are obvious with the New York Rangers topping the list at $1.5 billion.  Three other teams reached the billion plateau, Maple Leafs ($1.4 billion), Canadiens ($1.25 billion) and Blackhawks ($1 billion).  In the basement were the Florida Panthers and Arizona Coyotes at $350 million and $300 million respectively.  The Hockey News has more:

Take a look at the full list of valuations below, via Forbes:

1. New York Rangers — $1.5 billion
2. Toronto Maple Leafs — $1.4 billion
3. Montreal Canadiens — $1.25 billion
4. Chicago Blackhawks — $1 billion
5. Boston Bruins — $890 million
6. Los Angeles Kings — $750 million
7. Philadelphia Flyers — $740 million
8. Vancouver Canucks — $730 million
9. Detroit Red Wings — $700 million
10. Pittsburgh Penguins — $650 milloin
11. Washington Capitals — $625 million
12. Edmonton Oilers — $520 million
13. Dallas Stars — $515 million
14. Vegas Golden Knights — $500 million
15. San Jose Sharks — $490 million
16. Anaheim Ducks — $460 million
17. St. Louis Blues — $450 million
18. Minnesota Wild — $440 million
19. Calgary Flames — $430 million
20. Ottawa Senators — $420 million
21. New Jersey Devils — $400 million
22. New York Islanders — $395 million
23. Tampa Bay Lightning — $390 million
24. Colorado Avalanche — $385 million
25. Nashville Predators — $380 million
26. Winnipeg Jets — $375 million
27. Carolina Hurricanes — $370 million
28. Buffalo Sabres — $350 million
29. Columbus Blue Jackets — $315 million
30. Florida Panthers — $305 million
31. Arizona Coyotes — $300 million


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